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"Our firm has settled thousands of cases favorably for our clients."
The Firm

My name is John C. Bassett, I have over 14 years experience with felonies, misdemeanor and traffic cases in Arkansas.


I have represented over 4,000 good people in Arkansas.


We have extensive experience dealing with the local court system here in Northwest Arkansas.


We know the operations of the local prosecutors, clerks  and Judges from various courts in Arkansas.


We shall fight to win your case or mitigate the case for a proper, reasonable and fair outcome.


We will fight for a probation, suspended sentence, community serivice or rehabilitation rather than allow you to serve time in jail or prison.


We may help to eliminate warrants, fight probation or parole revocations.


My firm is soley dedicated to the practice of criminal defense in Arkansas.


We have two physical locations for free, private and confidential meetings.


Phones shall be answered 24/7 or promptly returned.


Feel free to email, call or set up an appointment to discuss the specific needs of your case.

The Experience
Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure of Felony, Misdemeanor and traffic cases.
  • Proper defense of DWI's and DUI's.
  • Domestic Assault and Domestic Battery charges. 
  • All Drug cases (including prescribtion medication, illegal drugs and all controlled substances). 
  • Proper review and defense of the various drug cases in Arkansas.  
      (Including  posssession and delievery) 
  • The current policies, procedures, law on Marijuana cases in Arkansas. 
  • Search and Seizure  (legal procedure of home/apartment searches, vehicle and or dog/canine searches).
  • Warrantless and Warrant procedures in Arkansas.
  • Expungement and sealing of criminal records.
  • Drug court, work court, and DWI courts.
  • And any other issues or questions you may have with regards to the criminal justice system in Arkansas.      







Northwest Arkansas


John C. Bassett P.L.L.C.

Attorney at Law

​​3263 North College Ave.

Fayetteville, AR  72703




John C. Bassett P.L.L.C.

107 East Emma St.

Springdale, AR  72764


Phone: 479-856-5756

Fax:             479-521-3259






The Profile

John C. Bassett - Attorney at Law

University of Arkansas

Bachlor of Sciences


William H. Bowen School of Law  University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Juris Doctor


Member Arkansas Bar Association


Member Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers






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