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I have represented over 4,000 good people in Arkansas. 
I have over 14 years experience dealing with all types of felonies, misdemeanors and traffic offenses.    
The Firm
  • My name is John C. Bassett, my firm is dedicated to helping people charged with felonies, misdemeanors and traffic cases.


  • I have represented over 4,000 good people in Arkansas.


  • We have extensive experience dealing with the local court system here in Northwest Arkansas.


  • We know the operations of the local prosecutors, clerks  and Judges from various courts in Arkansas.


  • We shall fight to win your case or mitigate the case for a proper, reasonable and fair outcome.


  • We will fight for a probation, suspended sentence, community serivice or rehabilitation rather than allow you to serve time in jail or prison.


  • We may help to eliminate warrants, fight probation or parol revocations.


  • Besides our hard work on a local level, we work deligently on appeals to a higher court when necessary.  


  • We have two physical locations for free, private and confidential meetings.


  • Phones shall be answered 24/7 or promptly returned.  Phone - 479-856-5756


  • Feel free to email, call or set up an appointment to discuss the specific needs of your case.  Email -

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